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I Love Puppys

I love puppys and dogs for the same reson as everone else because they are cute,cuddly and most importantly loyal.
Labradors are loyal,
Cockapoos are cuddly,
 Cockaspanials are cute
Wipets are wonderful,
Pointers are perfect,
and thats why I love dogs.


He’s a ‘pointador’

Solo is a cross between a labrador and a pointer. He’s only 1 year old and I love him to bits.

He has two best friends, Edna and Skye, and loves chasing after his ball! Solo is the perfect puppy he’s loyal he’s cuddly and he’s cute. I love Solo so much he always snugguls me on the morning.

He’s the best dog ever!!!

My chickens

My chicken is called Crookshanks, my mum’s chicken is called Storm and my sister’s chicken is called Rainbow. We usually get 2 eggs a day from Storm and Crookshanks but Rainbow doesn’t lay very much.

Our trip to Abigail & Danny’s Farm


For my 8th birthday we went to a farm with cows,highland cows sheep,dogs and chickens.I really enjoyed it I hope I see my Mum’s friend who owns it again to see if I could see Maggie the dog sheep (a sheep who acts like a dog) and they named a baby highland cow after me! What an honour.