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Harry Potter Series


Dementors are very dangerous because they feed off happiness, therefore causing depression to anyone close by. 

A dementor’s mortal enemy is a Centaur. In fact Dementors hate Centaurs. When dementors breed it is very misty. Dementors basicly look like a black ghost with no eyes and a cloak. A dementor’s kiss won’t kill you but it sucks out your soul so don’t go smooching dementors!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter changed my life, now I understand that deep down the world are magical forces beyond our knowing!

Harry potter has a movie series and a book series and the author of the books ( JK Rowling) was thrilled her book was a best seller and I can’t blame the public because it’s really really good trust me I’m on the 6th book so 1 more after this book. Harry’s best friends are Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasly. Hermione is the smartest witch in Hogwarts! And Ron well he was pretty dumb but really brave. There are 4 houses in Hogwarts Ravenclaw,Griffindor,Hufflepuff and last and definitly least Slitherin!

My version of Goldilocks

Once upon a time a girl called Goldilocks went to the woods and saw a cottage. The door was open so she went in and there was chocolate cake on the table so she ate it then Goldilocks felt like she needed to sit down to digest there were 2 chairs. She sat in the first chair “Too big”said Goldilocks. She sat on the next chair but the chair broke so she went upstairs and saw 3 beds she saw a small one and climbed in “PERFECT!” she said then the family of lions returned and when they saw Goldilocks in the bed they chased her to France and back then she ran back home and became a lion hunter.